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Know your competition, Master your market 
A competitive product analysis and deep understanding of the competition are key activities if you want to succeed in reaching and selling to your target market. To achieve and maintain a competitive advantage, product roadmaps must be built, based on a thorough knowledge of the market landscape. Mastering competitive information allows you to extract the full potential of your products to improve sales conversion.
Your Challenges
To develop an effective product strategy and improved customer offering, you must be able to understand other existing competitive products and service offerings on the market. This may raise challenges in:

Determining your pool of competitors

Identification of where your competitive product stands (technically, life cycle, etc.)

Understanding and mapping the product segmentation of competitive portfolios

Extract the value of your products compared to the competition

Lizeo®.product solutions
Lizeo delivers solutions from market analysis to product comparison tools, in order to develop effective product strategies.

Structured, qualified and relevant competitive product data, for data driven product decisions.

Business intelligence tools that provide in-depth competitive product positioning analysis, and efficient market monitoring through dashboards and automatic reports.



A digital solution to analyse and compare your products against the competitive lineup to make them stand out and see where the gaps are against the competition.

The Benefits

Identify opportunities for positioning and developing new products to drive your product roadmap

Anticipate changes to the market offering and product life cycles to guide your long term strategy

Arm your sales force with cutting edge selling tool that highlight the value of your products

Who is it for?
Product Category
Understand your competitors’ offerings, identify product development opportunities and develop effective arguments to promote your products
Marketing Teams
Promote the value of your new product compared to the competition with internal and external teams
Sales Teams
Boost e-commerce websites efficiency with high quality digital content to improve consumer journey and conversion rate
Top Management
Optimise and drive your overall strategy and product roadmap