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What are the online search habits of consumers for small kitchen appliances?

Lizeo, a leader in online data in the automotive industry for over 10 years, is leveraging its expertise to serve new sectors, diversifying its scope of action.

The small household appliance industry is one of the new sectors being studied by Lizeo.

Over the past few months, several studies have been conducted on consumer online searches.

Analyzing online searches allows for a better understanding of the consumer, anticipating their expectations, and positioning to meet their needs from the very first phase of their search.

The goal is to identify key elements of the search (keywords, retailers, brands, etc.) in order to tailor the online presence of brands and detect emerging trends in the field.

The challenges for actors in the small household appliance industry

  • Identifying online consumer search habits when looking to purchase a kitchen appliance (e.g., robot, small household appliance, fryer, etc.)
  • Identifying digital touchpoints consumers encounter during their research journey.
  • Identifying websites and partners that influence consumers (blogs, recipe websites, etc.)
  • Assessing spontaneous brand awareness.

The methodology for analyzing the online research journey of small household appliance buyers

Lizeo conducts preliminary research to understand the target market and the behavior of internet users when they are in the pre-purchase phase of their product.

  • Definition of keywords and search queries to build a defined lexical universe.

    The selection of keywords that make up the lexical universe requires a particular knowledge of the products and their market. After refining the lexical universe, search queries are categorized to classify the intentions of internet users.

  • Extraction of search volumes

    We proceed with the extraction of search volumes for each keyword on Google.

  • Simulation of search results by query.

    This step will allow for the retrieval of Google results for each keyword or query. Our method enables us to calculate potential traffic for each site.

  • Classification of touchpoints.

    Prioritization and classification of the top 100 sites, based on estimated click count.

  • Categorization of retailer websites.

    Each of the sites present in this top list is then analyzed and categorized based on its purpose for the consumer, providing an essential element for our analysis.

Online Purchase of Small Kitchen Appliances: What Do We Learn from the Collected Data?

Consumer searches by theme

The most searched product categories

Examples of insights:

  • Les recherches par type de produit constituent
  • The top type of search, accounting for 50% of monthly search volumes and nearly 100% of total queries, mentions a product.
  • The three most mentioned products are the multifunctional robot (28%), the fryer (25%), and the cooking robot (16%).
  • Brands are also highly sought after, accounting for nearly a third of search volumes, demonstrating the dominance of leading brands in this market segment.
  • Darty and Boulanger, major retailers in France, are the primary digital touchpoints in the consumer journey, with an estimated 28% of traffic directed to their websites (14% each).
  • Approximately 20% of estimated traffic is captured by information websites, which play a crucial role in the consumer’s journey before purchasing a kitchen appliance.

Do you want to understand and learn more about the online purchasing journey of your customers when they are searching for appliances?

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