Tyre Industry Use Cases

Analyse and monitor consumer prices online

Analysing and monitoring the prices offered to consumers on specialised or generalist e-commerce sites and on marketplaces allows you to better understand the consumer’s online purchasing path. It also allows you to understand your competitive environment and adjust the price positioning of your products.

For the tyre industry, Lizeo has developed online tyre price tracking and analysis solutions to enable manufacturers and retailers to understand the price dynamics of the market. This analysis also helps to understand what products and prices online shoppers are exposed to in their final buying phase.

Use cases

What are consumers’ online tyre search habits?

Data Blog by Lizeo Back What are the online consumer search habits when it comes to tyres? Lizeo, leader in online data in the tyre industry and publisher of the tyre comparison website rezulteo, regularly analyzes the searches carried out by consumers on the Internet when they want to change

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Understanding the online consumer journey

For e-tailers, understanding the online consumer journey is critical. What offers are they exposed to? What are their intentions? What are their search criteria? What keywords or phrases do they use? Do they see my brand or that of my competitors?

Lizeo has developed solutions and methodologies to analyse, identify and decipher the consumer’s online journey when buying tyres

Improve the online consumer experience and optimise conversion

L’achat de pneu en ligne par les consommateurs est devenu une pratique courante et en expansion. Les distributeurs et marques de pneumatiques doivent faire preuve de pragmatisme et de pédagogie pour accompagner le consommateur dans sa sélection de pneu.

Lizeo a développé des solutions dédiées aux e-commerçants afin d’améliorer l’expérience du consommateur en ligne et ainsi optimiser la conversion.

Automatically identify comparable products

In an intensely competitive environment with an abundance of offers, it is complex for a tyre manufacturer to be able to compare its offer in an objective manner and based on tangible and varied data. Beyond the simple technical criteria, other criteria disrupt this comparison such as consumer opinions or marketing positioning.

For tyre manufacturers, Lizeo has developed AI-based tools and algorithms to enable automatic and systematic tyre comparison based on objective and tangible criteria.

Identifier et analyser les vendeurs Amazon d'une marque
Use cases

Which sellers are offering my products on Amazon?

Data Blog by Lizeo Back Which sellers are offering my products on Amazon? An industrial player in the automotive lubricants industry wants to understand, identify and analyze the presence of its products on Amazon that are not under its brand banner. This analysis will enable it to identify which sellers

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Understanding your market

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