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Use case

Retail Pricing Software for Tire Dealers

Your Challenges

No dedicated pricing resource

No visibility on local price competition


Difficulty to track competition price change

Retail Pricing Software for Tire Dealers, Lizeo®.price management solution
As E-Commerce continues to expand in the market, consumers are more sensitive to local price competition. Retail Price Pro will identify price changes in your local market and allow the integration of tailored rules to calculate the optimum price to remain competitive and increase profit.
Solution Description
 Designed for Tire Dealers with fewer than 10 locations that may not have a dedicated pricing resource. Meant to be easy to use without extensive training or technological know-how.
Retail Price Pro is an online software subscription that only requires an internet connection to operate.
screen retail price pro 1 use case


screen retail price pro 2 use case
  • Customized for your competitive area
  • Automatic weekly price updates
  • Ability to create rules and calculate prices to position yourself precisely against competition

The Benefits

Detailed vision of your local price competition

Easy to use and affordable pricing tool

Automatic weekly price updates

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