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Use case

Automatic tire pricing monitoring

Track price changes on its competitive perimeter
The daily work of pricers consists in a wide set range tasks from maintaining the consistency of the pricing policy to the sales support. This, plus the volume of pricing data to monitor, makes it impossible to secure the price competitiveness of the entire SKU perimeter. This often results in the default choice to monitor and analyse only key offers at the risk of missing out real opportunities or threats on long-tails offers or niche markets.
Your Challenges

Large volume of competing price data to analyze


Weekly monitoring to stay competitive


Track the entire dimensional scope and not the default key offers

Lizeo®.price competitiveness alerting: automatic tire pricing monitoring 
Lizeo®.price competitiveness alerting is a software-as-service (SAAS) solution developed specifically for Pricing teams in the tire industry. This tool allows you to implement an automatic tariff watch over your entire competitive range and range.
The solution makes it possible to extend this surveillance perimeter without additional effort and to anticipate major trends by highlighting the early warning signals allowing the recalibration of prices while there is still time. Your Pricing teams are automatically alerted if price competitiveness has drifted for several days, on any size and market area.

Solution Description
 Lizeo®.price competitiveness alerting is based on a Price Index and Target Corridor logic. The definition of the targets is made at several levels (market segment, dimension, SKU) from the web interface or by integration of files in Excel or csv format.
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The solution allows to identify key alerts with dedicated dashboards.
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The solution allows to dig in details of key alerts and identify root causes at SKU level and to Monitor the declining number of alerts following your corrective actions.
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The Benefits

Monitoring and measurement of corrective actions

Real-time price adjustment possible in all areas

Time saving in the weekly follow-up

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