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Use case

Tyre product sheets for e-commerce website

Your Challenges
Online tyre sales websites need quality content to provide an optimised digital experience for the user during the purchase phase. These contents allow to:

Highlight sold product

Improve the website and brand image

Strengthens the site's SEO

The user requires clear and updated information in order to:
  • Compare objectively different products
  • See the product to get through the barrier of online shopping
  • Be reassured about the choice of the selected product
Lizeo®.digital content for tyre industry   
 Lizeo has a catalogue of tyre product sheets to simplify the promotion of products intended for customer information, advice and online sales. This solution consists of 3 key elements that make up a tyre product sheet: Descriptions, Photos and Performance. It covers Premium, Medium and Budget brands within a European scope and includes the technical characteristics and manufacturers' technologies.
Feeding mechanisms :
  • Constant monitoring of new tires and new tests,
  • Information research and synthesis in homogeneous and objective descriptions,
  • Organisation of professional photo shootings to provide high quality photos.

Solution Content

Marketing descriptions

Marketing descriptions, unique, homogeneous and impartial products

We write objective descriptions based on tyre labelling and independent tests, treating brands in the same way with the same style and vocabulary.

Tyre photographies

High definition, homogeneous tyre visuals with custom watermark

The photos are taken and retouched by professionals:

  • HD quality
  • Same angle for homogeneity of the catalogue on your website,
  • Specific photo template for use on marketplaces.

Tyre performances

Lizeo scoring system allows the consumer to make an objective comparison of product performance

The rating is calculated using a unique proprietary algorithm developed by Lizeo. This rating is divided into 9 criteria for Summer season and 4 criteria for Winter season:

  • Safety: Dry / wet braking, Wet grip, Aquaplaning
  • Comfort: Roadholding, Irregularities absorption, Rolling noise
  • Economy: Longevity, Fuel economy
  • Snow: Acceleration / Braking on snow
  • Ice: Acceleration / Braking on ice

Technical Data

Tyre technical data from Lizeo product reference system

  • Brand
  • Name of the product
  • Season
  • Marks (M+S, 3PMSF, etc.)
  • Type of vehicle (4X4, Van, Passenger Vehicle, etc.)
  • Type of use (Economic, Performance, etc.)
  • Type of use for 4X4 (road, paths, off-road)
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