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Every month we publish aggregated global tyre market indicators. These indicators are the result of our online data collection from e-commerce and tyre marketplaces around the world, as well as offline data collection from product catalogs, sales brochures, etc., and are the result of extensive data processing through our Data Value Chain.

We have selected the following indicators: 

  • new tyre ranges by season, by vehicle segment, etc.
  • a 'top 3' manufacturers' podium since the beginning of the year, in terms of the number of new ranges released
  • the new tyre sizes that appeared in the previous month, a trend over the year and a segmentation by rim diameter
Product data: The products displayed on e-commerce websites selling online new tyres accross several countries are collected several times a week on multiple tyre brands. Once a new product is detected online, official documentation is necessary in order to confirm the real existence of the product. Offline documentation and official manufacturer catalogues are also a trusted source to consider a product as 'real'.
Online Tyre Sell-Out Prices: The prices displayed on a sample of 40 websites selling online new tyres in France, Germany, Spain, Italy and United Kingdom  are collected several times a week on multiple tyre brands. A monthly average per country and brand segment (premium, medium, budget) and per range level is calculated for some best-selling tyre sizes in Europe. No weighting is applied. This is an average and cannot reflect the prices specific to a particular brand.
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