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At Lizeo Group, we have been supporting our customers for more than 10 years at each stage of the Data Value Chain* in order to support them in their digital transformation process and also to increase their knowledge of the market.
Through competitive marketing data on the themes of price, product, consumer reviews and distribution networks, our teams build end-to-end decision support solutions based on these data, thus offering new competitive advantages to our customers.
Why this blog?
Through this blog we want to share our experience and expertise in the progress of the Data Value Chain, from data collection to data exploitation and insight extraction for decision making.
Our posts are therefore mainly aimed at visitors looking for information and understanding of what digital transformation driven by data is all about, but also at business experts (pricing, category management, product marketing, consumer intelligence, e-retail, etc.) who are looking to optimise the extraction of value from their data.
What can you find in this blog?
  • Lizeo News
  • Monthly indicators based on Lizeo data to understand and have a better view of the tyre market
  • Content and guides on best practices in the field of Data (Data Science, Data Governance, Data Management, Data Visualisation, etc.)
  • "Profession" thematic posts around Pricing, Sales, Product Marketing, etc.
  • Special posts offered by our partners
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