Lizeo Digital Solutions

Ensure the online conversion of your customers

Like most organisations committed to a digital transformation approach, you need to digitise the customer journey in order to offer consumers a cross-channel purchasing experience, including online and offline contact points. To support you in this approach, we provide a set of proven digital tools, to enhance the customer experience and maximise your conversion rate. But that’s not all: we also help you to digitise your marketing processes, the logical next step following the digitisation of the customer journey.

Maximise your conversion rates by offering the consumer value-added services, relevant recommendations and Where2Buy solutions to finalise the purchasing process

Successfully promote your brand and products throughout all digital media consulted directly by internet users or provided to the sales force

Develop a more engaging, in-depth relationship with your customers thanks to an  innovative, qualitative and  successful multi-channel experience

Solutions adapted to all stakeholders in your organisation

  • OPERATIONAL MARKETING: tools to promote your brand and products through qualitative and effective digital media
  • OPERATIONAL E-RETAIL: proven performance solutions to digitise the customer journey, optimise your cross-channel strategy and maximise your sales
  • SALES OPERATIONS: digital tools to support customer meetings and promote your products over those of competitors thanks to concrete and convincing arguments


  • Digital tools with proven performance, both on the rezulteo platform and our customers’ sites
  • A guaranteed multi-channel, value-added experience for your clients resulting in a higher probability of purchase for your products
  • Comprehensive solutions to assist you with the digitisation of the customer journey and the integration of new technologies into all your marketing activities
Recommendation and search engines
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Tools to interact with your customers to provide each one with the most relevant product recommendation

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Where2Buy Solutions
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Solutions to help bring the customer journey to a successful conclusion once the product is chosen and ensure the conversion to your brand at the end retailer

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Content marketing
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Web content to promote your brand and products in a qualitative way: photos, videos, product descriptions, consumer opinions…

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