Our expertise


Thanks to the effective combination of our business and technological skills, we can meet your most complex needs that require a multidisciplinary synergy of expertise, such as your digital transformation projects.

Get insights from experts who know your business

Based on our experience in the automotive sector, we fully understand your business reality, your challenges and your ecosystem.

Benefit from our cutting edge technological expertise

Specialists in research, data management and data science, we apply our expertise in areas such as big data and digital to support your business and marketing projects.

Our competences, your advantages
In-depth understanding of your business reality
thanks to our extensive experience in the automotive industry, particularly in the tyre sector
A winning synergy of expertise
marketing, research, digital and technological know-how to cover your most complex needs
Multinational and multidisciplinary teams
able to support you with your global and cross-functional projects
Our multidisciplinary expertise
Business expertise
In addition to our in-depth knowledge of the automotive, tyre, spare parts and car maintenance markets, we offer our expertise in all areas required for your activity: pricing, product marketing, studies, panels, intelligence marketing, e-reputation…
Big data expertise
To enable you to use the huge amount of data available on the market and within your business, we provide advanced technologies and efficient processes for storing, processing, enhancing and analysing huge amounts of data based on parallelisation techniques on multiple servers (clusters).
Data Science expertise
To gain the highest added value from all the data available on the web today, we provide a complete team of specialists dedicated to analysing, interpreting and modelling data, allowing you to optimise your understanding of the market, anticipate changes and adjust your strategy.
Digital expertise
We can guide you through the different steps of digital transformation and support the integration of new technologies into your activities thanks to our digital solutions and our teams of experts in digital marketing, web project management, ergonomics, web design, social networks, e-influence…