Your digital transformation

Lizeo, your preferred digital transformation partner

Internet has profoundly changed your market by offering consumers an infinite source of information to prepare their purchase, a powerful way to compare prices, brands and products, as well as new channels through which to make purchases and interact with brands and distributors.

To remain competitive, you need to adapt your strategy to these new modes of consumption. But you can also take advantage of the major tool to understand and influence the market that is internet.

Entering a digital transformation approach, 

means the full integration of new technologies into all of your activities, to get the highest added value.

Lizeo will accompany you in all aspects of your digital transformation.


Your advantages:

Gain optimum insight into your market and maximise your performance

  • Harness the vast amount of data available to gain a better understanding of your market and your customers
  • Detect new trends and anticipate changes to your ecosystem
  • Automate your marketing process and directly measure the impact of your actions

Our Solutions:

We provide you with all the solutions you need to understand the dynamics of your market and adjust your strategy in real-time.

Thanks to our Lizeo Price Watch pricing tool, our customers can monitor competitors’ prices for leading products in their market on a daily basis and automatically adjust their prices to remain competitive.


Your advantages:

Take advantage of the huge amount of data available 

  • Compile, enhance and analyse your own data flows and any data flow from your ecosystem
  • Model buying behaviours, customer profiles, product life cycles 
  • Conduct predictive analyses to anticipate the strategies to be implemented

Our Solutions:

We advise and assist you in the strategic use of all data flows available in your business and your ecosystem.

The huge amounts of data we collect, coupled with our extensive processing capabilities and industry expertise enable us to support you in modelling and predicting market developments.

As such, in the automotive sector, we help equipment manufacturers get the most out of vehicle usage data to design and develop future products.


Your advantages:

Personalise your customer relations and ensure conversion to your brand by pulling the right digital levers

  • Multiply your points of contact with consumers throughout the purchasing process
  • Provide the most relevant services and recommendations at each step, based on their profiles and needs
  • Create a more engaging, personalised and profitable relationship with customers

Our Solutions:

We provide you with a set of proven digital tools to enhance your customers’ journeys and maximise your conversation rate:

interactive search engines, product specs, consumer opinions, where2buy solutions, product smart search, comparison tools ...

In the tyre sector, for example, our search query analyzer allows tyre manufacturers and distributors to make highly relevant product recommendations, with a greater likelihood of conversion.